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Many people pick color combinations by clipping magazine photos to help visualize how the colors work together. Then there is the room or area that's going to be painted. Each room has its own unique use such as sleeping, playing, cooking or relaxing. Paint colors can help set the mood for that room. Colors can change the appearance of a room -- making it looko larger or smaller. The right color can turn and a cold, uninviting room into a warm, friendly environment. It can add accents to a room and even mask its faults. Other important factors to consider: How does the room blend with adjoining rooms? How does a color work with furnishings and decor? Don't underestimate the impact of the right color. These days you have a wealth of options from which to choose.
Faux Finishes. When people think of advancements in technology, they're usually referring to the science of electronics such as televisions, computers and mobile phones and devices. However, technological advancements have also had an impact on the world of home improvement, specifically with painting. It used to be that painting was limited to what variety of colors you could provide -- and a small variety at that. But that idea is now obsolete. You'll be amazed at how advanced painting techniques are with the available faux finish effects. Styles such as marble, gold, rustic, old world, ivory, pearl, Venetian plaster, color wash, striping, streaking, rag painting and many more. Our painters can add subtle elegance, textures and highlights to a space by using faux finishes.Faux painting is one of the hottest trends in home décor in recent years. The right paint technique can do so much for a space by creating depth and adding a splash of color or elegance to an otherwise boring room, or simply creating a mood. It’s affordable and relatively easy. It's almost as if the painter truly is an artist and your home is the canvas on which he's working. Every surface can be considered a masterpiece, the product of passion and craftsmanship. All Island Applications is a Long Island paint company that is dedicated to making your home a work of art. It's your home and it's also your creation, so let our painters help you express your creative side.Prep work is very important when considering a faux finish, therwise it could lead to starting over from scratch and wasting time and money. Before any work is done on a permanent surface, the paint technique should be tested on a practice board. This will give you and your painter a chance to perfect your technique before anything permanent is completed and you're unhappy or unsure about the style of work. It will also give you a preview of the colors you have chosen.