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Keep It Clean

Sure, as homeowners know, cleaning is always a chore. But when you hire a professional painter, cleanup is part of the package you're paying for -- and All Island understands that.

You wonít suffer through washing out paintbrushes and paint rollers, removing tape, paint, paint cans and cleaning up messes and spills as well as rolling up the drop cloths. We'll make sure your rooms look perfect when completing the job. In fact, on a daily basis, our crews will inspect your home and ensure that the project area is clean at the end of each work day.

Much of the cleanup process begins with the preparation. You can be confident our crews will cover all flooring and furnishings to protect them from paint. We mask off all the windows, roof lines, lights, walk ways, decks, door knobs, fences and furniture. We use drop sheets to cover your patio furniture or flower beds and we clean up any supplies or debris related to the job. We take extra care to protect your landscaping and outdoor areas, tarping where necessary. We cover your home inside and out. This is a vital first step in maintaining a clean job site.

Our painters will set up dust and vapor barriers to protect areas not presently being worked upon as needed. Our painters will also take care to wear booties inside the project to keep from tracking paint and securing a clean environment. We'll store tools in a safe place overnight so you and the tools are not in harm's way. We'll also see to it that dirty rags and chemicals are disposed of safely and cleanly. Our interior painters will finish off with vacuums to clean up all the dust and debris from that day's work.

Let's face it, your home is your investment -- that's why you've hired us in the first place. You've entrusted us with your home and All-Island will treat it with respect. A messy or dirty job site is a bad reflection on a home improvement contractor. With All-Island, you won't even need to worry about that, because we feel leaving a clean job site is just an extention of our quality customer service.

We will take pictures before our workers start the job and after the job is complete. We want you to feel completely comfortable with our workers, both inside or outside of your premises. When the project is done, you will have a final walk-through with a crew leader to make sure that everything has been completed and cleaned to your satisfaction. All-Island insists that our employees keep a clean jobsite and they are trained accordingly. At All-Island, we feel a clean job means a happy client.